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 Chinese trademark law revision -Part 1
Chinese trademark law revision -Part 1

Part 1 - Sound trademarks are now accepted in China

On May, 2014 a revision of the Chinese trademark has been enforced. Due to this revision sound trademarks have been accepted. (Chinese trademark Law Article 8, revised) In Japan also there was a trademark law revision in April 2014 and sound trademarks have been included in the Japanese trademark law. (The revision will be enforced until May 14 2014 at the latest. )

Sound trademarks may be filed with the corresponding scores as shown below. (Registration No. 2814082-Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.)

 photo image001_zps487723ac.jpg

Also, on the USPTO website it is possible to hear the sound of sound trademarks, e.g. the howling lion from MGM (Registration No. 1395550) and the Intel chime sound (Registration Nr. 2315261).

Outline of sound trademarks in China, Japan and Korea




(Accepted due to the enforcement of the trademark law revision in this year)

(Trademark law revised, enforcement planed until May 14 2015)