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 Start of patent annuity cost reduction service 
Start of patent annuity cost reduction service 
October 26, 2012


In Japan, Korea and China by deletion of unnecessary claims you can reduce the annuity cost for patens. The APA charges JPY 15,000 for payment of annuities and annuities deadline management in Japan. If you entrust us with payment and management of annuities until December 2012, we offer deletion of a part of the claims for free.  If you let us know the numbers of the claims you would like to delete, we will file the deletion of these claims together with payment of the annuities.

The table below shows the annuities for a Japanese patent right in the respective years. In Japan and Korea the annuities are calculated based on the number of claims. In the latter half of the patent duration period these fees tend to increase to large sums.  For example if a Japanese patent has 30 claims and half of them are deleted, from the 10th year on you can save 72,000 Yen each year.




Basic Fee

Additional fee per claim

Year 1 to 3

2300 Yen

200 Yen

Year 4 to 6

7100 Yen

500 Yen

Year 7 to 9

21400 Yen

1700 Yen

Year 10 to 25

61600 Yen

4800 Yen


The APA handles all matters from patent and utility model filing to patent management (payment of maintenance fees) in Japan, China and Korea. We would be glad to handle your IP related matters in Asia.