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 JPO Examination Fee Deferral System Extended
JPO Examination Fee Deferral System Extended

In April, 2009, the JPO introduced a new initiative as an emergency measure towards the economic depression, The deadline to remit fees for requesting substantive examination, which previously was required at the time examination was requested, can now be deferred up to one year after the examination request. According to this initiative, there are both merits in that the substantive examination fees have a one year extension and also that, in the event that the decision is made to abandon the application after examination is requested, examination fees do not have to be paid.

The program was originally planned to finish at the end of March, 2011. However, due to the continuing economic depression, it has been determined that deferral of examination fee payments will be allowed for one additional year, until March 31, 2012.

The APA has provided the following provisions in order to make use of this initiative:

• No charges in attorney fees for those clients who elect to request the examination procedure at the time of National Phase filing.

• The exemption of attorney fees is conditional on also utilizing the APA’s services for National Phase filing and intermediate processing for the application for examination.

• Examination fees can be deferred after a simple procedure with the JPO, which the APA can assist you with.