Asia Patent Alliance

Dear Clients,

We are pleased to announce that we, Asia Patent Alliance, has set up our head office in Hong Kong as Asia Patent Alliance Co., Ltd Hong Kong to further improve service.

The Hong Kong head office will be mainly responsible for financial management.

We believe that we can greatly reduce the commissions paid as well as return the surplus profit to our clients by utilizing the efficient settlement system in Hong Kong.

Our services of representing the clients from APA regarding the IP-related activities in Japan, China and Korea, are completely the same as before.

Tsubame Patent Attorney Firm based in Japan will still continue to supervise and oversee the developments of each case requested by our clients with high accuracy. There is no change regarding the contact window as well.

With the foundation of our Hong Kong head office, our bank account to receive remittance has changed.

From now on, we will issue the invoices with new bank account to you. Therefore, it would be appreciated if you can remit the fees to our new account as shown on the invoice. If you have already completed the preparation for the upcoming payment, we can still accept the payment made to our previous account.

Even though the services we provide already include the contractual relationship between our clients and our local agents, we would be pleased to offer new contract to you which states agreement with Asia Patent Alliance Co., ltd. upon your request.

We look forward to a stronger and deeper cooperation going forward.


Representative of Asia Patent Alliance Co., ltd

Dr. Itsuki Shimbo & Mr. Hailong Chen