Asia Patent Alliance

How do I file a patent?


There's more to filing a patent than you might realize and while we take care of all the technical details, for your reference we have explained the processes involved below. We have also included an FAQ section for common questions about filing patents in Asia.

If you're ready to apply for a patent, you can proceed directly to the Filing Fees page or complete the Patent Application form.


When you file a patent with us

  1. Complete the application form.

  2. We acknowledge your application form.

  3. Your filed document is prepared and distributed to each of our member offices in Japan, Korea and China. In each country, the application is prepared to go through the PCT national phase.

  4. We send you the pre-filing documents. You check and confirm the pre-filing documents.

  5. After we receive your confirmation, the necessary documents are filed with the Patent Office in each country.

  6. After this has been completed, we send you a report confirming this along with our invoice.

  7. Communication from any of the Patent Offices will be handled by our offices.

  8. Once registration of your patent is complete, there is an annual maintenance fee until the expiration of the patent. Your patent right is maintained at a low cost. If there are any infringement issues, we will support and protect your rights.



If you have any questions you'd like answered...
that aren't covered here, please contact us.